Abstract: The Role of Open Access Resources in the Current Context of Scientific Consumption, Production and Communication in Spain

Prof. Dr. Blanca Rodríguez-Bravo; University of León (Spain)

A Spanish project is aimed at evaluating the performance of the investment in electronic journals made by Spanish academic libraries  consortia, analyzing the use made of them in generating scientific knowledge. Knowing the performance of electronic information involves the connection of the following variables: quantity and quality of content offered, use of content and cost. Accordingly, the use of electronic journals subscribed by the consortia are analyzed based on the information on downloads (in the period 2010 – 2015) and on citation in the scientific production of Spanish researchers (Citations in Scopus’ Q1 and Q2 between 2012 and 2017) and the performance in terms of cost-utilization.

This project also investigates the role of open access resources in the current context of scientific production and communication. Since access to scientific information is not carried out exclusively from the subscriptions of university libraries, it is important to consider the use of payment resources and those that are open access when generating new knowledge. In this sense, we will analyze the citations to contents deposited in institutional repositories and in open access journals in the scientific production of the researchers of the Spanish universities. Based on the results obtained, it will be possible to propose lines of action to follow in the development of collections adapted to the priority research lines of the university communities, with the objective of achieving better quality parameters and optimizing the investment in information resources.

I will focus the contribution in the project preliminary results about the role of OA resources for research. I will focus it in the presence of OA resources in the outlets chosen for publications by Spanish researchers and in the citations referenced in the production present in Scopus.