Bio: Jürgen Warmbrunn

Dr. Warmbrunn is Deputy Director and Board Member at Herder-Institut in Marburg, Germany.

Short CV

  • 1983-1992 studied East European history, Slavonic philology, English philology and Finnish at Münster, Prague and Helsinki Universities
  • 1992 doctoral dissertation in Slavonic linguistics (“English loan-words in contemporary Czech”)
  • 1993-1995 post-graduate studies in librarianship (Konstanz University, Cologne Polytechnic)
  • 1995-1999 academic librarian (subject specialist and head of the Acquisitions Department at Frankfurt/Oder Viadrina University Library)
  • Since 1999 head librarian of the Herder-Institut Marburg
  • Since 2005 Deputy Director and Board Member of the Herder-Institut Marburg

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