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The Section on Document Delivery and Resource Sharing (DDRS) is the forum in IFLA for libraries and associations concerned with making information in all formats available throughout the world through a variety of resource sharing and document supply techniques.

The Section’s primary objective IFLA DDRS logois to extend and improve document delivery and interlending both nationally and internationally through the use of new technologies and increased cooperation among libraries and document suppliers.

The IFLA ILDS (Interlending and Document Supply) Conference, held every two years, is being organized this year by the Czech National Library of Technology together with the IFLA DDRS Standing Committee.

With the Prague Conference, entitled Beyond the Paywall: Resource Sharing in a Disruptive Ecosystem, the IFLA DDRS Standing Committee would like to challenge the interlending and document supply community to consider strategies for contending with an increasingly complex global information environment. Key questions we wish to examine at this year’s conference include:

  • How should we, members of the global DDRS community, provide a strategic response to a rapidly shifting ecosystem in which publishers, libraries, and users are dealing with new open access mandates, possible “big flips”, new options for document search and delivery (beyond P2P, including direct publisher-to-user delivery), cost impediments, and other challenges?

  • Is it possible to leverage our already-existing global infrastructure to keep the library relevant as the ecosystem continues to evolve? How can we contribute to the development of global delivery solutions which are innovative, stable, and resistant to the whims of the marketplace and accessible to all? What might be our roles in the next stages of development of global academic research support (including publishing) infrastructures? In the advancement of trusted public information infrastructures? In relation to regional copyright regimes and in relation to various content format types?

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IFLA DDRS Standing Committee

Peter D. Collins

Director, Public Services
Van Pelt-Dietrich Library, University of Pennsylvania
United States

Ertuğrul Çimen

Library Director
MEF University

Information Coordinator:
Stephanie Krueger

Senior Consultant, Specialized Academic Services
National Library of Technology (NTK)
Czech Republic

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2019 IFLA ILDS Program Subcommittee

Program Coordinator:
Sasha Skenderija

Strategist, Office for Academic Services Development
National Library of Technology (NTK)
Czech Republic

Seangill Peter Bae

Assistant University Librarian for Scholarly Collections Services
Princeton University Library
United States

Tainá Batista de Assis

Community Service Coordinator
Brazilian Institute of Information on Science and Technology (IBICT)

Faten BaRayyan
Faten BaRayyan
Reference and Instruction Coordinator
King Abdullah University for Science and Technology
Saudi Arabia

Nicole Clasen

Head of User Services and Document Delivery
Leibniz Information Centre for Economics

Cecilia Ericson

Coordinator for interlibrary loans
Kungliga Biblioteket / The National Library of Sweden

Joe Lenkart

International Reference Librarian
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
United States

Czech National Library of Technology (NTK)

Martin Svoboda

Conference Manager:
Jitka Heřmanová

Peer Support Manager:
Alena Chodounská
Alena Chodounská picture

Václav Heicl


With generous support from the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

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16th IFLA ILDS Conference Beyond the Paywall: Resource Sharing in a Disruptive Ecosystem. 9-11 October 2019. National Library of Technology, Prague, Czech Republic