Final Program

The theme of the conference was Beyond the Paywall: Resource Sharing in a Disruptive Ecosystem.

Click HERE for full-text of the Conference Proceednigs.

The conference language was English and all presentations took place in Balling Hall at the National Library of Technology in Prague (NTK).

  • Previous conferences: 2017 (Paris), 2015 (Istanbul), and earlier.

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Day Before, Tuesday, October 8

17:00+: Pre-Conference social event for committee members and early arrivers (Gallery NTK)


Day One, Wednesday, October 9

Themes of Day One: Beyond the paywall/open access, reducing barriers/digital divide, collaborative networks, the needs of scholars

9:00-10:30: Registration desk opens

  • 9:00-10:00: Coffee

10:30-10:50: Welcome and Official Opening

10:50-11:00: Introducing Day One

11:00-11:30: [Keynote One] Open Access: the science that is not visible, does not exist

11:30-11:50: [SESSION 01] Perspectives: Reducing Barriers

A Progressive Approach to Reducing Barriers to Resource Sharing: A Canadian Example

11:50-12:00: Recapitulation and announcements

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00-14:00: [SESSION 02] Perspectives: Digital Divide, Open Access, Collaborative Networks

(moderator: Peter Collins)

Narrowing the Gap of the Digital Divide: How NSTL contributes

The Conundrum of Resource Sharing in Zimbabwe: The Case of Academic Libraries

Aside from payment: the experience of acquisition and mutual use of resources in the Belarus Agricultural Library (BelAL)

14:00-15:00: Coffee Break and Poster Sessions

15:00-15:40: [SESSION 03] Perspectives: The Needs of Scholars

(moderator: Cecilia Ericson)

From interlending to resource sharing between scholars? – An analysis of recent developments

Challenges and Opportunities for Scientific Research Data Management and Sharing Services in Chinese Library Community

15:40-15:50: Recapitulation and announcements

16:00+: Optional social activities


Day Two, Thursday, October 10

Themes: Power shift, copyright, users, formats

9:00-9:45: Coffee, optional NTK tour

10:00-10:10: Introduction to Day Two

10:10-10:40: [Keynote Two] Project DEAL: Plans, Challenges, Results

10:40-12:00 [SESSION 04] Perspectives: Sharing, Copyright

(moderator: Silvana Mangiaracina)

Cooperative Storage Library Switzerland (CSLS): Sharing of content and resources – providing quick and modern services

Digital opportunities in international interlibrary loan – despite German copyright law

Opportunities and Challenges – The Current Situation of Copyright Protection for Document Supply in China

UKRR – a collaborative collection management strategy

12:00-13:00: Lunch

13:00-14:00: [SESSION 05] Perspectives: Users, Service Evaluation

(moderator: Tina Baich)

Meeting Users in Their Spaces: Key Findings on Discovery to Delivery

In-transit Practices in Multi-campus University Libraries in Turkey

International Interlibrary Loan in a Changing Environment: Results from the 2019 RUSA STARS International ILL survey

14:00-14:30: Coffee Break

14:30-15:10: [SESSION 06] Perspectives: ILL, Format Types

(moderator: Nicole Clasen)

ILL for e-books: Four years of experience – learning to walk

When There’s Only One: resource sharing and the predicament of the dissertation request

15:10-15:40: Recapitulation, announcements, and group photo

16:00: Group leaves NTK and takes an hour-long scenic ride with a Prague Historic Tram for the Vltava River cruise with gala dinner.

17:30: Group arrives to dock at , Pier no. 14,  near Štefánik Bridge (see the map). If the dock location changes for any reason, we will announce this at the conference.

17:45 – 18:00: Boarding the boat

18:00: Boat leaves dock for a two-hour sightseeing trip in Prague with gala dinner

The gala dinner fee for accompanying guests is 1,000 CZK. We accept cash only upon your arrival to Prague; details will be announced at the beginning of the conference. Please email us at if you plan to bring a guest.


Day Three: Friday, October 11

Themes: Collaboration, tools

9:00-9:45: Coffee, optional Dejvice campus tour (meet in front of Balling Hall)

10:00-10:10: Introduction to Day Three

10:10-10:40: [Keynote Three] HathiTrust and Collaborative Collection Services

10:40-12:00: [SESSION 07] Perspectives: ILL Tools and Technologies

(moderator: Jarmo Saarti)

Engineering a Powerfully Simple Interlibrary Loan Experience with InstantILL

Analysis of the Development Direction of a Conceptual Academic Library Resource Sharing Service based on a Case Study of DXY

Project ReShare: An Open, Community-Owned, Resource Sharing Solution

ZÍSKEJ – national system for sharing and delivering documents

12:00-12:30: Summary, Best Paper Drawing, and Closing Statements

12:30: Pick up bag lunch (“to go” bag)

12:45+: Optional Tours (for additional fee):

    • Tour #1: Karlštejn Castle
      (45 min from Prague)
      Departure at 13.00 – return 18.00 approx.
    • Tour #2: Strahov Monastery
      (Prague Castle area)
      Historical halls of the Strahov library
      Departure at 13.00 – return 16.00.

Register for an optional tour HERE.

(NTK luggage storage will be available for all conference atendees on Friday, 11 October, until 18:00, with no fee.)

16th IFLA ILDS Conference Beyond the Paywall: Resource Sharing in a Disruptive Ecosystem. 9-11 October 2019. National Library of Technology, Prague, Czech Republic

With generous support from the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.