Abstract: In-transit Practices among Multi-campus University Libraries in Turkey


Sami Çuhadar, Ertuğrul Çimen, & Abdullah Turan; Istanbul Bilgi University Library, MEF University Library (Turkey)

In-transit services among campuses of a university is an important practice that helps ensure user satisfaction, better allocation of library budget, intensive use of resources and effective use of library spaces.

In this study, 94 universities operating in Turkey with two or more campuses are identified and selected for assessment. The methods the libraries in these universities employ to deliver information resources to users in other campuses and their in-transit practices are explained in detail. The paper presents the findings of the survey that is conducted among the selected university libraries in order to assess the current situation of the impact of resource sharing via the in-transit method on library budget, library spaces and user satisfaction. The in-transit practice of Istanbul Bilgi University Library, which has a well-established in-transit policy and detailed statistics, is also examined. In this context, Istanbul Bilgi University Library in-transit statistics and survey findings are analyzed to provide suggestions.

Design/methodology/approach: This article has adopted a historical and explanatory approach and statistical methods are used to analyze the results of the survey. An important outcome of the study has been to document the current status of in-transit practices in academic universities in Turkey. The authors have utilized their professional experiences in developing resource sharing and in-transit services within a university library context in Turkey in order to design the survey.

Objectives: The research presented should be useful for all university librarians interested in resource sharing, effective use of library budget, library collection and library spaces, especially for those in developing countries. The paper also provides academic libraries with a set of guidelines for establishing an in-transit service.

Originality/value: This paper is the first study on in-transit services among Turkish university libraries. It also covers opportunities and challenges that arise when establishing or developing in-transit services. The results of the study will of great use to university libraries, researchers, and library professionals working in the field.

Keywords: Resource Sharing, Document Delivery, Document Supply, “In-transit” Services, University Libraries, Turkey

Paper type: Research paper

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