Abstract: ZÍSKEJ – national system for sharing and delivering documents


Dr. Jan Pokorný, Head of the Department of Systems Architecture, National Library of Technology (Czech Republic)

A software platform called “ZÍSKEJ” (Get it) for documents sharing and delivery was designed and developed at the National Library of Technology as a nationwide system for public libraries in the Czech Republic. The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. The system ZÍSKEJ is published as an open source with a GNU Public License (GPL).

The system ZÍSKEJ is a server application that is capable of serving users in the form of its web client or a client from another system using the available API. The system is based on a request management module that automatically handles the queue of incoming requests to deliver the document made by end users or by libraries that serve end-users.

The system ZÍSKEJ consists of the following basic modules:

  • Authentication module and identity merging
  • Requests creating module for each type of delivery services
  • Requests management (requests queue)
  • Watchdog to watch timeouts
  • Service quality monitoring
  • Statistics

Each user and each library have to be registered to the system.

In order to use the network of libraries equally and equitably, the system ZÍSKEJ sorts the list of suitable candidates for request processing based on load balancing. System ZÍSKEJ uses the union catalog of all Czech libraries as a data source.

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