Abstract: Digital opportunities in international interlibrary loan – despite German copyright law


Nicole Clasen; ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics (Germany)

Interlibrary loan is a good and solid basic solution for the supply of literature between different libraries. It has proven itself both nationally and internationally. But in what form will it be needed in the future? What digital possibilities does it offer our users in the field of electronic media?

Copyright law in Germany promises to be the right answer to the demands of modern digital work and study. But does copyright law also take German interlibrary loan into account? The advantage is that only a few countries worldwide have a copyright that contains a special part for International Interlibrary Loan and Germany is one of them. But this positive effect does not make it easier for foreign libraries.

What are the most important facts for International Interlibrary Loan? Does german copyright law provide good and practical solutions for modern interlibrary lending? How do you get the articles you need from German libraries? And how do you get other publications? And why is everything so complicated? Especially if you want to order newspaper articles.

The session begins with a brief introduction to German copyright law and our type of fees. Afterwards I would like to present different possibilities to improve the Interlibrary Loan between German and foreign libraries with the aim to make it comfortable, future-oriented and service-oriented.

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